I am available for custom assignments such as documenting historic properties or artifacts and for art production as well as for presentations before preservation committees including powerpoint slide programs. I am experienced at researching property ownerships including genealogical exploration to support the property history.  I specialize in the following photographic areas:

  • architecture
  • landscapes
  • documents/artifacts
  • fine art
  • travel
  • scanning, retouching, restoration

Please feel free to contact me at or through the website.  I can also be reached at 912-596-1164.  If contacting me for a proposal, I will request the following information:

1.  Scope of Service desired

2.  Address or Location

3.  Image Use



Michael Slays the Great Dragon


These are my standard print sizes. 

Special sizes available upon customer request for custom projects. 

Shipping will be calculated based on customer preferences.

Contact me for special pricing of canvas images, acrylic, metal prints, electronic download and licensing.

Image Size           Fits in a Frame with Mat            Fine Art Print Only           With Mat       

8 x 10                                    11 x 14                                        $  50                               $  75

11 x 14                                    16 x 20                                     $  75                                $  100

16 x 20                                 20 x 24                                    $  200                            $  250   





My camera kit consists of a Canon 5D MARKII with it's awesome 21 megapixels, some favorite IS lenses, a 580EX II Speedlight flash and assorted memory cards. I also love my IR converted 5DMark II equally well. Since I  already had years of shooting BW and Color Infrared film, it seemed a natural progression as soon as the quality was worth the investment for an IR conversion.  I don't go anywhere without a couple of tripods (light and heavy models) and although I have a small collection of camera bags (what photographer doesn't, right?) the one I carry most consistently is my Lowepro Trekkor.  I love experimenting with various IR filters,  colored gels on my flash heads and painting with light.  I have a "go-to" telephoto and several wide angle lens - all lens have circular polarizers.  

The important thing though about the equipment is that I consider it an extension of me, of my vision of the scene before me. All the fancy equipment in the world won't do me any good without that vision. I have put much practice into pre-visualizing how I want the scene to look before I ever trip the camera shutter and into carefully considering where my light source will be--- my goal in using my equipment is that my photographic style and vision come through in the finished product.

The image to the left is titled: Conjure Woman and was created with incense smoke and colored in post production.



I earned my undergraduate degree in Art Education at Armstrong Atlantic State University with a concentration in darkroom photography. I followed that up with a Master’s Degree in Photography from Georgia Southern University. It was during graduate school that the digital revolution began to create a paradigm shift in the photographic world. Thus, I started graduate school in the traditional darkroom and finished it in the digital darkroom. I have taught darkroom and digital photography at both of my alma maters in Georgia and for Amarillo College in Texas.

I have spent a number of years photographing the American West, especially in an area known as the Four Corners, where the dramatic topography speaks to my soul. I have a special interest in slot canyons, which for me often have the sense of being in a cathedral. I am also involved with an ongoing series -  a 4 volume Civil War book series with co-authors Barry Sheehy and Vaughnette Goode-Walker.  I know the Savannah, Georgia area like the back of my hand and have spent many wonderful hours photographing the architecture of what many think of as America's most haunted city. I have done extensive photographic work in the Texas area where the skies are true blue, the windmills are plentiful and  it has been said of the panhandle  landscape, 

"it's so flat you can see your dog run for three days as long as it's not brown."  

I work to create my own unique style in photographic composition while capturing the drama in scenic landscapes whether it be the grand red rock country or grand southern scenes. Researching and photographing historic properties  is also a passion I follow with my camera. All things "old" especially those subjects that one might label "Americana" are of great interest to me. Often, my goal is to photographically preserve those things that may be lost or dramatically altered when "urbanization" is done with them .  Most times I purposefully edit, enhance and change my original shot. I do believe wholeheartedly in pre-visualization, but sometimes you just have to be grateful for a simple, perfect shot. 

Over my career I have shown work in a number of solo and in group photographic exhibitions including a coveted Savannah Art Council grant which funded an exhibit at Armstrong Atlantic State University. I have judged and juried photographic shows and promoted the art and craft of photography through membership in a number of organizations; but most of all, I have followed my photographic bliss while exploring the many avenues of all things photographic. 



When a thing inspires, it should take you with it on a journey of the mind and heart.


Photography as Fine Art

For me, photography is passion and vision come together to tell a very personal story.  I think images transcend language barriers, cross boundaries and prove that we are all far more alike than we are different. 


Sharing Stories

Through images and  co-authored historical books, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home.  New images are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints or books, sales, and shows.