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Gallery 1
Gallery One
"A Terrible Beauty" is a work in progress about the need to preserve historic sites that may be lost to urbanization. They are from the book series, Civil War Savannah. The title comes from a William B. Yeats poem titled, Easter,1916 about the Irish struggle for independence. For me, the series is a link to the past and a bridge to the future through the photographic image..

Gallery 2
Gallery Two
The "Americana" series seeks to honor and call attention to a disappearing way of American life mostly from the early 20th Century when people remained rooted on the home-place and shopped at the local mercantile.

Gallery 3
Gallery Three
The "Celebrate Nature" series is presented to encourage pausing and reflecting on the natural world in the middle of our busy modern lives. A gentle reminder to pause in the multitasking and just breath.

Gallery 4
Gallery Four
The "Junkyard Jewels" series focuses on the gems found in old rusty car lots. It's a lot like being in the local cemetery - everyone there still has a story to tell.

Gallery 5
Gallery Five
"Chasing the Light" is a series based on my slot canyon explorations in the Four Corner area of the U.S. --- wild, wonderful western light and adventure around every corner!

Gallery 6
Gallery Six
"The Preservation" series is about comparing what was there and what is there. The hands are important in this series because for me as an artist they symbolize the future linking the past and present.

Gallery 7
Gallery Seven
"A Strange Fascination" is exactly that for me. The early 19th Century park-cemeteries are the most beautiful but I find history is still alive in any final resting place.

Gallery 8
Gallery Eight
How can the color of "Red Rocks, Blue Skies" not command attention - it is what color photography was meant to showcase! This series is a work in progress shot on locations near the Four Corners area. This set is all above ground where the "Chasing the Light" series is ironically all below ground level.