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The Four Corners is an area of the U.S. consisting of the southwestern corner of Colorado, the northwestern corner of New Mexico, the northeastern corner of Arizona and the southeastern corner of Utah. This region is named after the point where the boundaries of the four states meet. There is even a Four Corners Monument at this point. But I do not limit explorations to this area - I have often used Moab, Utah as a home-base during a 6-week shooting period.

Some of this series extends east from this point into the Panhandle of Texas area that I grew up in and includes the one-room sod school house where my father attended first grade. I have also included shots as far north as South Dakota when it fit into my theme. The air and the light are magnificant in these regions. Walking through prairie sage, breathing deep and seeing for miles is a cleansing experience that invigorates the artistic soul.