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While some people have a mortal fear of cemeteries, others find them fascinating. I have always fit into the latter group. Cemeteries are part of the cultural heritage and history of any given region. Many cemeteries provide a place to take a walk or sit and reflect upon life, death and everything in between. There are stories to learn and history to unravel for those who are willing to do a little research. To me, cemeteries are very charged places -sometimes they are places of regrets, of hopes cut short, and in some cases, of stories yet to be told.

One of my favorite early epitaphs was "She kept a clean house" and that was all the monument said. I realize that this means a spiritually clean house but somehow this just makes me picture a very industrious homemaker cleaning her house like a white tornado. Couldn't the family have thought of a more poetic way to inscribe her stone? This is my way of saying that sometimes humor can be found at the cemetery.